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Historical Restoration

If you have inherited an old home that has seen better days, we can help to bring it back to life. We offer historical restoration services to help preserve the architecturally-significant and aging features of a home, allowing it to be enjoyed by future generations.

Older homes have a variety of special issues that need to be taken into consideration during a remodel, and at Appleseed Construction, we have the knowledge and expertise to help, including:

  • The use of lead and other potentially hazardous building materials
  • Nonstandard building methods and materials
  • Building practices that no longer meet code
  • Replacing damaged design elements
  • Damaged and aging structural elements
  • Poor insulation and climate control
  • Engineering problems
  • Insufficient or old plumbing and electrical

Regardless of what you need to have remodeled in your home, we can help. Call us today to learn about how we can assist you with historical restoration.

Historical Restoration